Hilary Larson

I grew up in Pleasant Grove, Utah.  I have always had an interest in teaching and even spent a semester in high school as an intern in a local 1st grade class.   I also enjoyed volunteering at an after school program multiple days a week throughout high school. After graduation I attended Brigham Young University, which is where I earned my Bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education.  During my time there I was also certified as a Special Needs Institute teacher, which allowed me to work teaching classes at BYU for adults with special needs. That experience was very formative for me as I learned the great potential and ability each person has to learn and grow.

While at BYU I met and married my husband, Greg.  I taught 1st grade while he finished his degree and until I had my first child.  Shortly after my son’s birth we moved to Arizona where we have stayed for the last 13 years.  Here we welcomed two more children into our family. We moved to Corona de Tucson because of the amazing schools and we love living here in this great community!  While my kids were small I continued teaching in various ways including my own in home preschool as well as substitute teaching. Now that they are bigger and settled into school I’m looking forward to getting back to teaching full time and I’m very excited that I get to return to 1st grade!

It is a privilege to be able to take part in the lives of your child and family this next year and I look forward to our partnership. As your child’s teacher, I will model respect and kindness and I am confident they will be able to do the same.  I also believe kids learn best when their whole body and brain is engaged in learning, so we will be an active learning community this year!